Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kash Preschool

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August 2011 – Kash started his second year of preschool.  We take him to Natalie Wright in Ftn. Green.  He just loves it and all of his friends there.  One day I came to pick him up and he asked me very politely that when I come to get him I need to get dressed.  “I don’t like it when you come to pick me up in your pajamas mom”.  I love this kid!!!  with a baby just one year old and having to have him in Ftn. Green by 9:15am then pick him up by 11:15 I did my best~!…

PJ’S turns 6 & First Day of School

mixed 2011 306

PJ turns Six and his first day of first grade… He had a great year.  He loved Mrs. Finn and was always making new friends.  He invited almost his whole class to our house for a St. Patricks day party all on his own.  There were a few other days that friends would show up for one of PJ's parties he had planned.  He is such a social bug and loves school.mixed 2011 305 mixed 2011 308 mixed 2011 309

PJ and his best Buddy Adenmixed 2011 374 mixed 2011 380

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ward Campout August 2011

The ward campout was a hit!  we pulled our trailer up and parked in the parking lot this year (beins how joseph is in the bishopric now…we need to be more active!!  lol)  We usually don’t stay overnight.  But the boys were extatic, they even arranged to be in the talent contest and wanted Joseph to juggle tennis balls on fire!  as soon as we got there the boys started playing in the water of course!  Here you can see the before photos of the boys in the canoe as you scroll down you can see they did end up tipping the canoe over and falling in the pond!  They loved it!  The Three Amigos!  PJ, Jaben Taylor, and Chandler.  Madelaina took to Karlee Anderson those girls love her and she loves them!  Morgan also came with us.  Always tons of fun at the Cook Cabin, and especially at a Moroni 3rd Ward Campout!!   mixed 2011 245mixed 2011 257 mixed 2011 249 mixed 2011 256  mixed 2011 259 mixed 2011 262 mixed 2011 264Morgan and Madelaina trying to stay out of the smoke….. Below:  The 3 Amigos… mixed 2011 265 mixed 2011 266 mixed 2011 282

Nap Time!

This is Madelaina’s new way of taking a nap….do you think she’s getting a little big for the swing??  LOL!mixed 2011 205


As much as I hate sleepovers, the boys absolutley love them!  Its a good thing they have some good buddies and friends to have them with!  We love Morgan and Aden!mixed 2011 239 mixed 2011 230mixed 2011 226 mixed 2011 228

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Salt Lake City Temple & Lagoon 2011

My Sister Tammy and her family invited us to go to Lagoon with them.  She got discounted tickets through work. So we stayed in a hotel in salt lake and visited temple square, ate at the roof restaurant for PJ’s Birthday and then met them at Lagoon the next day.  Unfortunately we only got one photo at lagoon with Joseph’s cell phone.  and a few at temple square.  pretty good for a cell phone.

joes cel phone 2011 737

Bridger, PJ, Kash, Kambri, John, Brytyn, and Me

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August Summer Night – 2011

These kiddos just love their Daddy!  Here they are just after bath time with crazy hairdos. mixed 2011 208 mixed 2011 210 mixed 2011 211 mixed 2011 215 mixed 2011 216

PJ helping Dad load hay.

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